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Oklahoma State University


Our Distance Education Format

This program is designed to be offered 100% at a distance. There is never a time when students are required to come to campus. All courses are delivered through OSU’s Online Classroom which utilizes BrightsSpace as the on-line courseware. A typical class will be offered through the main BrightSpace course website and will contain links to all course materials including video lectures. There are multiple formats for viewing the lectures which gives you the opportunity to view the lectures on your schedule and in a method that works best for you. The lectures are stored digitally using Windows Media or Camtasia (flash) and you can access them in any of the following ways:

  • On-line Video Streaming: Students are able to view the lectures on-line generally within 24 hours after the on-campus class has finished. (A broadband internet connection is required.)
  • Compressed file (zip files): Students can download a compressed folder with the class lecture.
  • Podcasts (available for some courses)
  • CD-ROM: Students can obtain weekly of lectures by special request only.

Our courses adhere to the university semester schedules (Fall, Spring and Summer sessions) and deadlines will exist for assignments in each course (courses are not self-paced). The MSETM program does offer short courses that take place over 5 weeks. This allows additionally flexibility in scheduling as they may gain credit hours while being enrolled for a smaller portion of the regular semester.

Communication with the faculty can be via email, phone, discussion board or occasionally videoconferencing. As a student, you will also have access to the OSU library, the OSU email system, and the Student Information System (SIS) where you can check your grades and pay tuition.

Other Options

Students who live near one of our OSU campuses may also consider taking some courses in a traditional, on-campus, live format. Note that not all courses required for the ETM program are offered on campus. Only those that are part of another regular on-campus graduate program will have regularly scheduled on-campus offerings.

For more details visit our Engineering Distance Education website.