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Oklahoma State University

Current Student F.A.Q.

Q. I have a hold on my record, how can I remove it?

  • Plan of Study Holds
    When you reach the half-way mark in your program (17 hours) the graduate college will notify you that a plan of study is required before you can enroll in any more coursework. Please note that the ETM office cannot remove this hold. Please follow our instructions for completing your plan posted here: Plan of Study. It will require some effort on your part and it may take some back and forth communication between the ETM office and the student before a plan can be submitted and the hold removed. In other words – do not procrastinate! The collection of signatures and review by the graduate college takes some time so please give this some attention so the hold does not prevent you from getting into courses that you want.
  • Bursar Holds
    If there is a balance on your bursar account you will not be allowed to enroll. Go to to login and pay your balance. If something is not clear regarding your bursar account, I recommend your contact Nathan Cragun from our distance education office. ( or 405-744-5146). He is very skilled at translating “bursar-ease” and may be able to answer your questions or act as a liaison to the bursar’s office for you.

Q. How do I calculate the cost of the program?

  1. Your tuition rate is determined by your residency status. Oklahoma residents (those who pay taxes in Oklahoma) will receive the reduced in-state rate. All others will be classified as non-resident or international. Special rates for active duty military exist.

    The tuition estimator spreadsheets for each classification are available on the Engineering Distance Education website.

    To estimate your cost take the applicable tuition rate and multiply it by 32 (the number of required credit hours).

    Your cost for textbooks varies by course but you could roughly estimate $75 per course for books. (some will be much less, others will be higher) The number of courses a student will take during the program can also vary. The minimum number possible is thirteen courses and on average our students will take 19-20 courses. Roughly estimated: (20 x $75 = $1500.00)

  2. Other incidental costs include proctoring fees if applicable. These vary by location and are not required for all courses.