Certificate Requirements

MSETM Certificate Curriculum
The Engineering and Technology Management program offers a Certificate program to complement the Master of Science degree.  The certificate, consisting of 12 hours of selected ETM courses can be granted at any time during a student’s pursuit of the M.S. degree or as a stand-alone effort.  A second application for the certificate must be made through the graduate college.  Admissions requiements for the Certificate program are identical to those of M.S. program.  See Admissions link.
The curriculum requirements for the certificate are as follows:
Required Certificate Course:
•          ETM 5111 – Introduction to Strategy, Technology, and Integration
Elective Certificate Courses
 Choose up to 2 courses (6 hours) from the following list:
•          MGMT 5113 Organizational Behavior
•          MGMT 5553 Management of Technology and Innovation
•          MKTG 5133 Marketing Management
•          IEM 5113 Strategic Quality Leadership
•          IEM 5603 Project Management
•          ETM 5943 Lean Sigma Implementation
•          ENGR 5103 Impact of Law on Engineering Practice 
      Remainder of 11 hours from the following list:
•          ETM 5211 – Enterprise Integration
•          ETM 5231 – Benchmarking
•          ETM 5241 – Strategic Project Management
•          ETM 5271 – Technology Forecasting and Assessment
•          ETM 5282 – Strategic Planning
•          ETM 5291 – Failure Mode and Effects Analysis
•          ETM 5341 – Leadership Strategies for Technical Professionals
•          ETM 5361 – Managing Virtual Project Teams
•          ETM 5371 – Ethics for Practicing Engineers
•          ETM 5391 – New Product Introduction and Commercialization
•          ETM 5411 – Engineering Economic Analysis
•          ETM 5461 – Intellectual Property and Patent Law
•          ETM 5471 – Introduction to System Safety
What are the benefits of receiving a Graduate Certificate in ETM ?
The OSU ETM certificate is a graduate-level credential reflecting knowledge of the discipline of engineering management.  It provides:

  • Documented participation in a focused program and coursework with the same rigor as a graduate level degree
  • The opportunity to expand the participants management skills and/or complement your B.S. field of study with management education
  • Participation in an academic community of faculty and students with a common interest
  • A ladder path to the MSETM degree (all twelve hours can be used toward degree)
  • Demonstrated progress towards the M.S. degree that your employer can see
  • A printed certificate and record in your transcript from the OSU Graduate School to document successful completion

Do I have to choose one program or the other?
No. Students may matriculate through both programs (Cert and MS degree) simultaneously.  In fact, that is what we prefer.  When the requirements of the certificate are met the student may request that their efforts be noted and a certificate will be issued.  All credit hours earned for the certificate can then be counted towards the M.S. graduation requirements. 
Are there any additional costs?
Typically students would be required to pay a “second application” fee of $25 to the graduate college.